Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Because I Love It

The Hubs and I think this picture of my Pops looks like it's straight out of a 70's sitcom. Like when you look at it, you automatically say to yourself, "Hey, Hey, Mr. KottAIR".

Plus, he is so cute, isn't he?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chevron Curtains

Oh hello there...sorry I have been MIA but after popular demand (Kristi, Lisa, and Mom), I'm back. That's right, 3 people!


So I should fill you in on my current obsession. They change frequently, I know.

I'm in love with all things Chevron and specifically want, love, NEED, some Chevron curtains for my living room. Currently, my living room is all blah, brown everywhere and needs some serious 'oomph' in it's life, and mine if you ask me.

So, feast your eyes on these beauties.


That's supposed to be sung like angels in your head as you gaze longingly at their loveliness.

Are ya with me yet?

How about now?

The only problem with this situation is these babies are not cheap, and not easily attainable. Interior designer say what? That is not in the cards for me lads, so here are my options.

Chevron on a much smaller scale.

I'm loving the blue, but don't worry about the bunched up hideousness at the top. I would have mine hanging off of curtain rings. Much more pleasing to the eye. Let those babies breathe.

So my delema is this, is the smaller scale to0 dizzying? Let's put aside that I just made that word up. Am I going to be stumbling around when I walk through my living room because I can't focus on anything else except the damn drape pattern? Should I cut my losses and save the Chevron for when I'm extremely overly wealthy one day? (What? It could happen)


Yes, I'm talking to you, readers.

(Kristi, Lisa, and Mom)