Thursday, April 10, 2014

Month 2

We documented each week to see how much you had grown
(this wears off after awhile around week 23, then we decided to go by month)

You love sleeping on people
Actually you are 6 months now and it's still your preferred method of slumber

You LOVE to eat, I think this comes from your Dad
Looking back, I think you probably had gas but nursing was really the cure all to make you stop crying
Still is...


Aunt Jenna comes to visit for Thanksgiving

This is your first Thanksgiving/Hanukkah
Your Aunt Jessie sent you a onesie to celebrate both


You make really hilarious faces while you are sleeping
You will smile then frown, makes us wonder what you are dreaming about!

Week 7
You're pretty ok with

It's freezing out but we had to get out of the house
Enter snowsuit

Week 8 
You are clearly really excited about

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Your first month was filled with visitors who couldn't wait to meet you.



Gigi stayed for two weeks and took care of me while I took care of you. 
She was a Godsend. 

Daddy took care of Poppy so he wouldn't get bored;)
Just kidding! Wouldn't have been the same with Pop there. 

Aunt Jessie drove down the night you were born. 
She got in around 11pm just to see you. 

(not sure how we are going to differentiate between the Poppys)

Strat and Ash came to visit a couple weeks in.

Lexie Lou

Carl Ravech from ESPN

Janice Story
(Daddy invited everyone he knew)

Kevin and Brooke came to visit in week 3

Uncle Kevin made fun of your cross eyes even though I explained it's totally normal 
for a newborn

Fern Wachter
(again with Daddy inviting Board Members over)

Hoorah, Auntie Kristi is here in Week 5
She was chomping at the bit to get here and meet you!
She got you to take a pacifier, stayed up with you till 2am and let us have a date night 
(we promptly returned 55 minutes later)

Everybody loves you. 

Month 1

Was a doozy!
I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that you were actually here.
No sleep, crazy hormones, reality hitting you in the face that you have no clue what you are doing, plus endless bouts of crying really scare the pants off ya!
But we made it through, phew

Coming home from the hospital was so exciting. I couldn't wait to get out of there. 
It was also a little terrifying as well.
Thankfully our families where there to help us through it. 

Family dinner

Your first bath
Clearly not a fan

We received these blocks at a gift to document your growth
So fun

4 Weeks, heck yah

5 Weeks
Not so much

At the end of the first month, smiling started...
I know it was from gas but I would take them anyway I could get them