Friday, February 15, 2013

Jiminy Crickets

Have you ever seen a more adorable Valentine's Day card?

Me Neither!

That's Skylar Grace

Her Mom's got it goin on.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Yes

I am the type of person who goes to a doggie bakery and purchases a peanut butter cupcake for my dog's birthday

She's 10
She deserves it
(that's 70 in dog years)

She told me she's planning on moving to Boca to spend her days playing shuffle board and dining on early bird specials
I can't blame her after the blizzard we had this weekend
Maybe i'll join her.

Happy Birthday Lu-dog!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma!

(There she is in all her 'Gigi' glory)

On your birthday, I think it's appropriate to tell you

even though it stings a little coming from my lips






(most of the time)

Okay 80% of the time

Okay 90, 90% is my max
(Maybe 95)

Just thought you should hear it

as much  as I have fought you about it over the years


Love you so much Mom.
You make my heart smile and I am so lucky that in all the universe,
I am lucky enough to call you my 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Holy Cannoli

So I may have made this Cannoli Dip from Mama Basirico's recipe book for
my friend's Surprise Party this weekend

And it may have been a hit.

I also may have bailed on a Super Bowl party, and watched 'Girls' instead

Whilst eating left overs of said dip

Very wise decision on my part
(do you see my Vday decor on the mantle?)
I'm so crafty.

Survey says you should probably make this dip for Valentines Day for your significant other.
Much easier than the cake pops I attempted to make this weekend as well.
Are you worried I'm getting to be a chubster with all this baking?
You probably should be.

Cannoli Dip

1 cup of Ricotta Cheese
1 Cup of Mascarpone Cheese
1 Cup of Cream Cheese
1 tps of Vanilla Extract
1 Cup (or more) of Chocolate Chips
1 Cup of Confectioners Sugar

Mix Together and Serve with Waffle Cone Pieces

Please join me in my quest for obesity.