Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Day

October 5th came and went. 
 I knew you would be late. 
 I took this picture right before I went out shopping and to lunch that Saturday.

The doctor scheduled my induction on October 10th. Your Dad and I took one more walk around the neighborhood with Lulu the night before and I made him take me to Marshalls to buy one final decoration for your nursery at 9pm. 
He knew I wouldn't be able to sleep until it was done. 

On the morning of October 10th, we woke up and got Dunkin Donuts on the way to the hospital. Your Dad forgot my hash browns. 
We were so excited we forgot to check in at the hospital and were sent back downstairs. 

I was given Pitocin and Daddy and I walked the halls to try and get things moving! 
We still hadn't decided on a middle name so we knew we had to choose, we stopped and talked to nurses to ask them to weigh in. 
We had a few names but decided to wait until you were born to make the final call. 

The doctor broke my water and then the contractions started! 
They were intense. I asked for the epidural but it only worked on one side. 
I had to have a second epidural but this one worked. 
Daddy was excited to have his hand back and said when the epidural started to work, I turned to the nurses and said, "just so you know, I feel REALLY good right now".

Around 4:30 the doctor came in and when your Dad asked what the next step was, he shrugged and said to me, "want to push?" 
Things got real, real quick! 
28 minutes later, you were born! 
Your Gigi and Poppi  and Nana and Poppy arrived at the hospital right when you were born. 
The hospital played a nursery rhyhme over the loudspeaker of the entire hospital to let everyone know a you were here.

When you arrived, your Dad turned and said to me, "Stella Olivia?"
Then your Gigi tried to run past the nurses to meet you but was stopped and had to wait for her visitor's pass.

Having your Grandparents there made everything perfect. 
And so our life with you began...

I loved being pregnant. 
I loved feeling you kick inside me, I loved eating whatever I wanted.
 I loved watching my belly grow and thinking about what you would be like, how you would look, and sound.  

And now I love being your Mom, seeing you grow everyday. 

Stella Olivia Seiden
October 10, 2013
7lbs 11oz 
21 inches