Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I got to go home this past weekend to attend this little angel's Baptism.
Did I tell y'all I'm the Godmother?
Cartwheels ensued over that one.
Her nickname is Doodie Doodie Doodie.
 I'm obsessed with her.
While at home, I also got to see this one. You know her. I'm obsessed with her as well.
(Brother was there too, but that's a whole other post on his big kayaking tour)

We currently have no power again due to Frankenstorm....
Hmm this feels familiar.
It was the same weekend last year we had no power due to the October snow storm.
Why did I leave the South again?
Below is the Hub's Hurricane Supply.
Roses to the fact that he purchased not one but two boxes of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch
(that boy truly loves me as he knows PBCC is my kryptonite)
Thorns to the fact that most of the food he bought requires electrical appliances such as a stove.
But let's revert back to the fact that I have two boxes of PB Captain Crunch to eat and all is right again.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11th

(the hubs and i doing our best 'Zoolander' )
 today happens to be my 4th wedding anniversary
i think i'd like to go back in time and pat myself on the back and whisper,
 'nice job, well done'
and let myself know:
this handsome fella is going to crack you up every.single.day.
he's going to bring you flowers at work for no reason at all
he's going to cook you dinner, like all the time
he's going to let you make the house an obscene temperature of cold so you don't get hot at night and he has to sleep under 8 blankets
he's not going to give you crap about shopping too much
he's going to be willing to go on fun adventures with you, try new places and new things
 he's going to give you that big hug you need at the end of the day
or your space if you need it
he's going to go on ice cream runs at 9:30 at night because you have a sweet tooth
he's going to be your biggest cheerleader and your most fierce protector
he's going to let you be silly and ridiculous and love you for it
he's going to do everything he possibly can to make you HAPPY
and you are going to experience a love like you never thought possible

Happy Anniversary Daniel James,
you have exceeded my expectations in every possible way
Loving you,

Friday, October 5, 2012

She's Here

Cool evenings with the windows open, snuggling under blankets
Crackling fires
Yummy colored leaves changing on every tree
Pumpkin - everything! Coffee, recipes, scents,
 Boots, scarves and sweaters
The apple fritter stand
Good tv back on (finally!)
 Holidays peeking around the corner
 White Pumpkins decorating my house
(I'm clearly OD-ing on pumpkins)

 I heart fall.