Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 Things I Loved About Katy and Doug's Wedding

(in no particular order)

The Gon-DOL-a Ride to the Rehearsal Dinner.

We may have taken a bottle of wine hostage for the ride down.

The Transportation.

The Beautiful Couple.
This should have been first on the list but I did warn you these were 'in no particular order'.

Love them!

The Antler Decor that made these photo ops possible.

The Fabulous People.
We had the best time with everyone and definitely made some new friends.

The Decor.
Check out the chandeliers!

The Delicious Food.

I could shed a tear over this cheese.

Just the first course.

The Foam Fingers.
A surprise for the groom

The Dancing.
The band was phenom.

I only got the back but I would have worn it at my own wedding, I loved it so much.

Alec Baldwin Look- a- Likes.
I may or may not have asked him to call me Liz Lemon.

Oops that was 11...but whose counting?

We had the most amazing time. Congratulations Katy and Doug!!


Can we talk about this photo?

I know I have lots to update you on and I will ,but I feel that this photo cannot go unnoticed. It was posted on my friend Elizabeth's blog and I did not even know it was taken.

The woman in the background is Mrs. Beebs. Just a little fact, Jewish woman FLOCK and I mean FLOCK to the hubs. Doesn't matter that she was probably married, and a good 25 years older, she loved her some Daniel James. She was like white on rice, a moth to a flame, you get the idea. In this photo, I am talking to one of Dan's best friend's Adam while his wife Elizabeth, unbeknownst to me, took the picture. Most likely what is being said?

'Where's the beebs is Dan?!' or 'What the beebs?! She won't beebing leave him alone!'


Friday, September 24, 2010


The hubs and I are off to Sun Valley, Idaho this weekend for a wedding!

Idaho!? No you da.....nevermind.

What a comedian I am!!
(If you laughed,we are secret soulmates)

Anywhoo, want to see what I'm wearing?

Rehearsal Dinner,

Ms. Rebecca Taylor (she's the designer)





I rented these little numbers, and I am crossing my fingers I didn't underestimate my size. Would really damage the ol' ego.

And yes, you heard me right, I rented them. I told you I was the poster child for practicality.(Mom, i can hear you cackling from here)

Hopefully when we get back, the hubs and I will be a plaid shirt and a pair of cowboy boots richer.

When in Rome.....


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Wardrobe List

Currently I am obsessing over everything fall.

Cooler weather, changing leaves, candy corn, fall tv shows (they are back, finally!),pumpkin spice lattes, but especially the clothes....oh the clothes.

I have a gazillion things on my list but here are the staples I am coveting and a couple I may or may not have already purchased....

Loving this coat. It has the right amount of unique but it's still classic and a standout from the boring black one collecting lint in your closet.

Also equally obsessed with this tan number. I love trench coats but don't see the purpose. They aren't thick enough to keep you warm and if you are in the rain they don't even offer you a hood to cover you hairs with. Call me practical, (Hold laughter please) and this gives the same look but makes more sense with a wool and cashmere blend. Prettay Prettay Genius.

Now, on to boots. Love these flat boots with an equestrian flare. Chic and comfortable, a winning combination.

Jeggings....I'm going to give them another try in the name of the above boots. Regular jeans are too hard to tuck in and the knee bulge is not attractive.



SOMEHOW. SOMEWAYYY Well find a reason for living......sorry just broke off into a 'West Side Story' internal song ballad.
I can't even talk about her, she is that heavenly.

A little fur (faux of course) to add some fun to the wardrobe. Super cute to do a fur vest over a leather jacket, a dress or your boring old long sleeve shirt.


Remember Sassy the magazine? You don't? Ok, never mind.

More shoes? Okay, how about these clogs. Love them! These aren't really a staple and I don't sing musical songs in my head to them but they still make the list. For when my secret admirer sends me loads of cash in the mail, these will be ode to them... A girl can dream can't she?

Okay, let's move on to nail color. Each season needs one.

I'm excited to try 'Little Brown Dress'

And Velvet Voyeur

Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That's the Clemson fight song and if you are lucky one day I may sing it for you along with the arm gestures..
If. You're. Lucky.

Labor Day Weekend was our annual Clemson trip and this year did not disappoint. I watched approximately 20 minutes of the game (that's a whole quarter right?) and then Kristi, Cameron and I were on to more important things... like walking 8 miles to downtown in the name of more food and shopping for cute Clemson gear. Pretty sure our team won though, even without us cheering them on. Our weekend was filled with corn hole, boiled peanuts, beer, and even a little moonshine. Can't really ask for much more, can ya?

Here is the fam at the game.

The Clemson colors are pink and green...obviously.

Here is the original photo that had to be re-taken, can you see why?

That's what happens when my dad tells my brother to tuck his shirt in for the photo.
I heart my family.

Get Your Quinoa On...

My lastest food obsession is Quinoa.

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah), not KEY-NOAH like I used to say when I wasn't such a Quinoa connoisseur (and I use the term connoisseur lightly, very very lightly).

She is considered a super grain and is healthy, that's all you really need to know because I don't feel like listing off how great of a grain she is. She is just good and easy to make but you have add in some flavor to spice her up a bit. Here is how I do my Quinoa.

Bring one cup of Quinoa and two cups of water to a boil.

Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer and cover pot with lid for 10-15 minutes.

Now is the fun part where you add in all your fixins. Last night I added:

One tablespoon of olive oil

Two tablespoons of white wine vinegar

Diced tomato

Rotisserie chicken

Chopped red onion

Chopped kalamata olives

Parmesan Reggiano

MMMMM delicious, now go get your Quinoa on!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Italy Wrap Up

The last day in Italy we didn't have much planned except of course, to eat. We set out to a nearby town but ended up completely lost, and thank goodness for that or else we never would have found this restaurant.

I don't know the name of the town or the restaurant (you should be used to my lack of remembering these tiny details by now) but it was our best meal of the trip. We were the only people in the restaurant and they had to find someone in the back to come and try out their broken English to get our orders but it was well worth it. When we sat down they poured us prosecco right away and I knew we had selected the proper restaurant for lunch.

After wine, appetizers, my entree of aglio e olio, and dessert, I was fat and happy and not in the mood for anymore photos...

Until the owner brought out limoncello and grappa...

then I was open to a photo opt.

and a photo with the Luciano, the owner.

Italy offered us a rainbow on the last day, a perfect end to our fantastic trip.