Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That's the Clemson fight song and if you are lucky one day I may sing it for you along with the arm gestures..
If. You're. Lucky.

Labor Day Weekend was our annual Clemson trip and this year did not disappoint. I watched approximately 20 minutes of the game (that's a whole quarter right?) and then Kristi, Cameron and I were on to more important things... like walking 8 miles to downtown in the name of more food and shopping for cute Clemson gear. Pretty sure our team won though, even without us cheering them on. Our weekend was filled with corn hole, boiled peanuts, beer, and even a little moonshine. Can't really ask for much more, can ya?

Here is the fam at the game.

The Clemson colors are pink and green...obviously.

Here is the original photo that had to be re-taken, can you see why?

That's what happens when my dad tells my brother to tuck his shirt in for the photo.
I heart my family.

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