Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wine Tasting or Wine Tasting?

Day 6 was definitely a contender for favorite day in Italy. 2 Wine tastings and endless food and you might understand why.
The day started off in Orvieto, the sweetest little town

with one of the most beautiful and ginormous churches I have ever seen.

We walked through the town and shopped and stared hungrily at this cheese and meat truck

But, I was saving myself for lunch, here..

How gorge is this? And it was also a wine tasting to boot!

Oh okay, I guess I will sit here and stare at the unbelievable view and eat your delicious food and taste your delicious wine. Twist my arm!

After our lunch of 4 wines, pasta, salad, meat, bread and dessert, we chilled at the pool until the wine tour started.

This is the back of where we had lunch, you can also stay here. If they gave me anymore wine, I may have had to rent a room myself.

We were given a tour of the grapes, and how they were made into different kinds of wine.

Once the wine is made it is stored to ferment here. Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? I don't, I either made that up or I unknowingly retained some of what our wine tour guide was saying. I was too busy in my wine mind to actually retain any wine knowledge.

Instead, the hubs and I took pictures like this when our guide wasn't looking.

This, is where they store the wine..pretty sure I'm right on this one.

Hey, it's me again with more wine. This is yet another wine tasting. The second of the day, can you see why this was one of my favorite days?

See the little silver tray and basket? Those had hard salami and these little breadstick things in them that were divine. I didn't like the wine as much at this place but I certainly still drank it.

A view of the vineyards and the second wine tasting spot, it was also a hotel and i also forgot the name of it. I guess I should right these things down.

Here is a view from the pool, gorgeous overload.
When we returned from tastings, we had a homemade dinner prepared and served to us on the patio of the villa. Pretty perfect end to the day.

Oh Italy, I love you.

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