Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 Things I Loved About Katy and Doug's Wedding

(in no particular order)

The Gon-DOL-a Ride to the Rehearsal Dinner.

We may have taken a bottle of wine hostage for the ride down.

The Transportation.

The Beautiful Couple.
This should have been first on the list but I did warn you these were 'in no particular order'.

Love them!

The Antler Decor that made these photo ops possible.

The Fabulous People.
We had the best time with everyone and definitely made some new friends.

The Decor.
Check out the chandeliers!

The Delicious Food.

I could shed a tear over this cheese.

Just the first course.

The Foam Fingers.
A surprise for the groom

The Dancing.
The band was phenom.

I only got the back but I would have worn it at my own wedding, I loved it so much.

Alec Baldwin Look- a- Likes.
I may or may not have asked him to call me Liz Lemon.

Oops that was 11...but whose counting?

We had the most amazing time. Congratulations Katy and Doug!!

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