Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Wardrobe List

Currently I am obsessing over everything fall.

Cooler weather, changing leaves, candy corn, fall tv shows (they are back, finally!),pumpkin spice lattes, but especially the clothes....oh the clothes.

I have a gazillion things on my list but here are the staples I am coveting and a couple I may or may not have already purchased....

Loving this coat. It has the right amount of unique but it's still classic and a standout from the boring black one collecting lint in your closet.

Also equally obsessed with this tan number. I love trench coats but don't see the purpose. They aren't thick enough to keep you warm and if you are in the rain they don't even offer you a hood to cover you hairs with. Call me practical, (Hold laughter please) and this gives the same look but makes more sense with a wool and cashmere blend. Prettay Prettay Genius.

Now, on to boots. Love these flat boots with an equestrian flare. Chic and comfortable, a winning combination.

Jeggings....I'm going to give them another try in the name of the above boots. Regular jeans are too hard to tuck in and the knee bulge is not attractive.



SOMEHOW. SOMEWAYYY Well find a reason for living......sorry just broke off into a 'West Side Story' internal song ballad.
I can't even talk about her, she is that heavenly.

A little fur (faux of course) to add some fun to the wardrobe. Super cute to do a fur vest over a leather jacket, a dress or your boring old long sleeve shirt.


Remember Sassy the magazine? You don't? Ok, never mind.

More shoes? Okay, how about these clogs. Love them! These aren't really a staple and I don't sing musical songs in my head to them but they still make the list. For when my secret admirer sends me loads of cash in the mail, these will be ode to them... A girl can dream can't she?

Okay, let's move on to nail color. Each season needs one.

I'm excited to try 'Little Brown Dress'

And Velvet Voyeur

Happy Fall Y'all!

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