Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can we talk about this photo?

I know I have lots to update you on and I will ,but I feel that this photo cannot go unnoticed. It was posted on my friend Elizabeth's blog and I did not even know it was taken.

The woman in the background is Mrs. Beebs. Just a little fact, Jewish woman FLOCK and I mean FLOCK to the hubs. Doesn't matter that she was probably married, and a good 25 years older, she loved her some Daniel James. She was like white on rice, a moth to a flame, you get the idea. In this photo, I am talking to one of Dan's best friend's Adam while his wife Elizabeth, unbeknownst to me, took the picture. Most likely what is being said?

'Where's the beebs is Dan?!' or 'What the beebs?! She won't beebing leave him alone!'


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Elizabeth said...

Love it! HAHA! This captures it perfectly!

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