Monday, April 18, 2011

My Favsie

Mumford and Sons are becoming big, but this video from 2009 in a small York bar that looks about the size of my living room is by far my fav. The real title of the song is Winter Winds, and it's currently on repeat on the ipod.

I also have a small crush on the singer, don't tell the hubs.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Easter PSA for Cameron

Dear Cameron,

As your favorite Auntie and Godmother, there are a couple things I think you may need to know about your 2nd Easter and your First Official Egg Hunt.

Number 1 (and most important): Your Uncle Kevin CHEATS. Even though there is a 20 year age gap, I have no doubt in my mind, he will still cheat. When it comes to a possible prize or the much coveted 'money eggs', he has no shame. Just because he is bigger and much older than you, keep in mind, he is still a college student and now more than ever he needs those money eggs. You see college brings on many expenses, fraternity dues, taking girls on dates, and money for beer (or in your case Milky). My advice, sleep with one eye open on Saturday night. He is known for waking up super early and scouting out the eggs.

"I swear I didn't wake up at 6am to find the hidden money eggs"
Don't believe him for one second Cam

Number 2: Don't get too excited for the prizes. Your Poppi has an affinity for anything and everything from the Dollar Store. The most sought after prize from our last Easter Egg Hunt was a Corona Bottle opener and you have many Easter Egg Hunts ahead of you until you can even think about using one of those.

Number 3: I don't believe you are allowed to eat chocolate yet, therefore, any and all chocolate covered candies should go directly to your favorite Aunt and Godmother. She gave up Chocolate for Lent and it will be in everyone's best interest to just hand it over as soon as you get it. Chocolate is your Auntie's milky and if she can't have it everyday, let alone 40 OF THEM, she can get a bit edgy. Surely, you can understand. All Peeps can be directed to your Mom or Uncle Kev.

Number 4: If your Mom takes you to get a picture with the Easter Bunny, you have my permission to scream and cry. Make sure you really give it your all when the flash goes off on the camera. Sometimes it's okay to mess with your Mom. We have many fun years ahead of us with this one.

I will see you in a week to answer any questions.

Your Auntie B.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Show me Some Shoulder

Spring's Shoulder Bearing Tops

singer 22
singer 22