Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My New Fav

Have you seen '9 by Design' on Bravo yet? It's my new favorite for the following reasons.

A. I would love to be half as creative and talented as one of their pinky toe nails.

B. I hope to be that laid back with one child, let alone 7(!!!!)

C. I want to live in one of their houses.

Starting with this one.

(Instead of windows they did all french doors. )

The Fam with kids (not in order), Wolfie, Bellamy, Tallulah, Breaker, Five, Hollender, and Major. (so cool)

uh, dream bedroom.

For this nursery, I may consider 7 children.


Yes, kitchen, yes.

(notice the garage door?)

This is a rooftop basketball court and the ball will never be lost because of the globe. Bad, ace.

One more because I love ya.

Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend I had the pleasure of tasting these babies.....

The perks of living in NYC, are having the best of everything at your fingertips. The perks of having friends who live in NYC is, if you are lucky, they will bring the best to you.

Crumbs in NYC is my slice of heaven. And this sample tasting of their mini cupcakes gives you a chance to try multiple slices of heaven. And believe me, I did.

You can order them here

I even love their philosophy on cupcakes. "At Crumbs Bake Shop, we believe in celebrating the simple everyday things in life. In a world where we move too fast, a cupcake is the exception. They add something so small, and so needed to our lives. Maybe what they really do is remind us that the best things in life really are so simple and easy. "

I always knew cupcakes made you smarter.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hostess with the Mostess?

Happy Weekend! We are excited to have guests staying with us this weekend. In preparing for our company, I realized how much I like hostessing. It's a chance to bring out your inner Martha. Or rather, try and fool your guests into thinking the following:

1. Yes, my house is always this clean.
2. I do always have fresh flowers in multiple rooms of the house.
3. Sure, I leave candy out all the time and am never tempted to eat the whole bowl.
4. I always have the latest magazines in the guest bathroom and fold the flap of the toilet paper in a triangle, it's my signature.
5. Of course our pantry is always stocked and I just so happen to have ingredients to throw together a cheese plate, with honey and walnuts, fresh olives and french bread. Oh what's that? Salami bread? It's in the oven.
6. Oh you smell baking? It's very common for me to make blueberry muffins in the morning. Just ask my hubs... or rather, let's not ask him.
7. We also toast all of our guest's arrival with prosecco, and keep an extra bottle with fresh O.J. for Sunday morning Mimosas before brunch.

Phew, how does Martha do it? Well, I would like to think that if being a Martha figure was my full time job, I would be just as flawless. But for now, we can pretend that on Wednesday night I wasn't in a horrible mood because I didn't feel like cleaning and the Hubs didn't have to bribe me with ice cream to get me to a happier place. That I didn't make a frantic last minute trip to the grocery last night and stand in the flower section for 20 minutes, finally deciding on tulips but cut the stems too short for the vase and had to find a ribbon to put around it to hide the stemless flowers and pretend like it was just for decor. We can pretend that I haven't been eating a peanut M&M (or two) every time I pass the bowl and that the muffins I made were from scratch and not the instant 'add a half a cup of water' and shove them in the oven kind (and that I didn't hide the bag at the bottom of the trash can). We can also pretend my little Chi didn't have explosive 'you know what', all over my carpet this morning and I didn't run around the house spraying and scrubbing frantically before anyone woke up. And that the bottles of prosecco in the fridge are not from months ago when I finally realized why I was getting so bloated after drinking them and haven't touched the bubbly since.

Let's pretend shall we?

Even Martha served some time in the slammer, so I guess that means even the best Hostesses are all allowed to sweep a little dust under the rug, no?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. I will be celebrating by going to see this, in the near future.

I will be bringing tissues too, since seeing the preview makes me well up with tears. I suggest you do the same. Watch it here .

Crack of Dawn

Dear Man in front of me in yoga this morning,

Maybe you can do me a solid the next time you plan to come to class, and check your spandex to make sure there is not a GIANT hole in your crotch area.

Staring at your crack all morning is anything but Zen. It makes it super hard to be 'present' when all I can do is sing 'Moon River' in my head and think about how when I got to yoga at the crack of dawn, your crack was not what I had in mind.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reason 2,903,045

Why I love my sister.

She will drop what she is doing, get herself dressed, feed the baby, change the baby, get all the necessary baby things ready for the diaper bag, strap the baby in the carseat, and drive to Target to find me these.

The Cynthia Vincent line for Target shoes I have been lusting after, and searching for but were sold out online and at my local Target. And look just like these:

The Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent $350 dollar pair at Shopbop.

Even though, my brother-in-law says I will look like a 'spice girl on steriods'...

hearing the phrase, 'I got the goods' when I called her and she was at the checkout line in Target, made me all warm and tingly inside. Another shopping conquest complete.

Man, I love my sister.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Weekend

Hope it's Fab!!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


To the World

(my new nephew)

James Hamilton Sartor

April 3rd, 2010

(Watch out ladies, this one is gonna be a heartbreaker)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If I Were a Food Network Star

I would want to be Giada. She's a great cook, she speaks Italian, and even though the Hubs says she has a 'five head', I think she's pretty cute.

Although I can't cook, don't speak Italian, and hopefully don't have a 'five head', I am going to Italy in August so that's got to count for something right?


Maybe one more thing we can have in common is this Heirloom Tomato and Basil Tart.

(Via Food Network)

I saw this on her 'Spring Fling' episode and boy does it look yummy. She even cheats a little and uses a pre-made pie crust. And it just so happens, the one recipe in my cooking repertoire is Pesto. Except she uses one clove of garlic and I use about 5. (The Hubs loves him some garlic).

You can find the recipe here

Ciao Bella, Buono Sera, and Capish. Wow, I feel more Italian already.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Cuteness

How cute are these guys?

(courtesy of Bakerella)

Makes me want to stay inside all day and bake rather than enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend.

But if we are being honest about what I need more in my life, a tan or more baked goods...

My transparent skin screams, 'The tan wins!!!'