Saturday, April 5, 2014


Your first month was filled with visitors who couldn't wait to meet you.



Gigi stayed for two weeks and took care of me while I took care of you. 
She was a Godsend. 

Daddy took care of Poppy so he wouldn't get bored;)
Just kidding! Wouldn't have been the same with Pop there. 

Aunt Jessie drove down the night you were born. 
She got in around 11pm just to see you. 

(not sure how we are going to differentiate between the Poppys)

Strat and Ash came to visit a couple weeks in.

Lexie Lou

Carl Ravech from ESPN

Janice Story
(Daddy invited everyone he knew)

Kevin and Brooke came to visit in week 3

Uncle Kevin made fun of your cross eyes even though I explained it's totally normal 
for a newborn

Fern Wachter
(again with Daddy inviting Board Members over)

Hoorah, Auntie Kristi is here in Week 5
She was chomping at the bit to get here and meet you!
She got you to take a pacifier, stayed up with you till 2am and let us have a date night 
(we promptly returned 55 minutes later)

Everybody loves you. 

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