Thursday, December 6, 2012


Did I tell y'all the news that I have a doppleganger?

It was brought to our attention by one of the hubster's friends.

I was all excited because one of my favorite past times with the hubs is figuring out who people's celebrity doppelgangers are, particularly dogs to humans.
(Like Hub's German Shepard looks like George Clooney)
 I know super weird.

Hubs is pretty terrible at this game and declares everyone a different ethnicity to our friend Lexie. Example: "Look at that girl! She looks like an Asian Lexie!" You get the idea.

Anyways! Back to my doppleganger, I was hoping it would be an A-list celeb or a Victoria Secret model (hey a girl can dream) but instead it's this chick....

Do you see it? I kind of do.
She's the B-list celeb that can be watched as the annoying Ex Girlfriend in cinematic master pieces such as 'Shes Out of My League'
Never heard of it?
There's a reason for that.
Womp Womp.

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