Friday, December 3, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ladies and Gents,

As of today, I am the proud owner of one ugly Christmas sweater. (Thanks Ebay!) I was actually nervous as I was counting down the last two minutes of the auction. Then I shouted, "I WON!" even though it shouldn't really be called winning something, if you have to pay up at the end...

Here are some things to ponder.

Why did I purchase this ugly Christmas sweater? For the 'Ugly Christmas Sweater Party' I'm attending of course.

A few more, and you are on your own on these.

Why does Rudolph only have one hoof?

Why does Rudolph have so much 'junk in the trunk'?

What's with the flag? Are they one a golf course?

Is that tree smiling at me?

So many questions from such a simple little sweater.

Also, I can't guarantee I won't wear this sweater more than once, like on actual Christmas Day.

Just sayin'.

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