Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wet Willy

My Dad does this thing where he will put your ear in his mouth, sometimes he does it with your nose too. It's just one of his 'dad idiosyncrasies' along with squeezing the top of your knee when you are sitting down which makes you jump up from your seat so you look like a spaz and squeezing your side when you are walking, again getting the same spaz effect. Seeing your reaction gives him great pleasure and you can't help but smile when he cracks up laughing (even if it is a little annoying). Now that he has two grandkids they too are susceptible to all of 'pops' antics. Lucky kids. This photo I believe captures the feeling of having your ear in Dad's mouth quite perfectly and that is exactly what was happening when I took it. Just wait J boy, it's only just begun.

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