Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Happy

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Sister.

Some things you should know.

I love her.

We share the same laugh and nothing makes me happier than when I laugh out loud and the hubs says, "you sound just like your sister!"

She gives THE best hugs. Like she is just taking you in and doesn't want to let go.

When she makes a joke, she cracks herself up. Like she laughs so hard, she starts to tear up, and that just makes you start laughing and tear up. It's a domino effect and it's fantastic.

She makes really delicious tortellini soup.

She's an awesome Mom. We always knew she would be, but she far exceeds what a good Mom is. Those are some lucky kids.

She loves 'I Love Lucy' reruns.

She's the best person to have in your corner for whatever life throws your way.

She is pretty much the best gal around. If you don't know her, ya should. And I feel damn lucky to call her my best friend. We just happen to be sisters too.

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Kristen said...

this is the sweetest.

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