Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving & What's In My Head

Is it strange that this is what's playing in my head today?

I had to show you the correct version so you didn't get it confused with Jessie Spano's mental breakdown after taking too many caffeine pills while staying up to study for her geometry test AND rehearsing for her singing group. I mean how much can one girl take?! (If you don't know this reference please move on as I'm sorry but we can't be friends)

I'm going home for Thanksgiving this afternoon and I'm pretty jazzed.

Things I am thankful for this year:

My Sweet Hubs

My Fantastic Family

My Amazing Friends

All of whom got me through a bit of a rough time this year.

Oh yes, and my Dad's new hips.

He's going to be dancing around to this song in no time.

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