Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pizza Throw Down

Saturday, the Hubs and I are going to New Haven. If you ask me, we are going for this.

A full length mirror from IKEA, so I can stop standing on our bathtub everyday.

If you ask the Hubs, we are going for this.

That's right, for a trip to IKEA a woman has to succumb to many things. No, not just a trip to a pizza parlor. A trip to THREE pizza parlors. I'm not complaining, I love me some ZA but I recently found out, you can't just eat one slice, you have to order whole pies. When I objected to this, the Hubs said, "B, I don't tell you how to shop, don't tell me how to 'do' pizza". Yikes, he's serious. The truth is, these are three very famous pizza joints.



and Modern Pizza.

You may have heard of Pepe's and Sally's. They are literally a few doors down from one another. There is a ginormous rivalry between the two. Pepe's started first and was apparently so good, Frank Sinatra used to send a car from Manhattan (that's right, NYC) to Pepe's for their famous pie. Then Pepe's nephew Sal thought he could do it better and opened Sally's APizza (that's how it's pronounced in Italy) just a few doors down. Thus began the great debate, are you a Sally's fan or a Pepe's fan? There is no grey in this decision, it's black and white. It's like the Yankees versus the Red Sox. You cannot straddle the line here people. So, I need to find out if I am a Sally or a Pepe.

But then, the Hubs threw Modern Pizza into the mix, which he says is the best of all three.

Honestly, we will be leaving with a buttload of left over pizza, but at least I will be able to checkout the new fiver I gained in my new full length mirror.


Kristen said...

so funny! I love it. Don't you already have this mirror by the way?

brooklynandlu said...

My Mom stole it! She convinced me it wouldn't make it in the move and I have been lost ever since. Also it didn't have that wood border but I am diggin it!

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