Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Essentials

This weekend, I had a very successful shopping trip. (Much to the Hubs dismay)

For the first time, I actually made a list of spring/summer essentials that I needed. (or wanted)

Although the list was pretty long, I did manage to get a lot of these 'essentials' checked off the list.

First up was a chambray shirt.

Worn with black skinny jeans or a printed skirt, and I'm in love. And yes, I did have to purchase those two things as well. I told you it was a successful trip.

Skinny jeans are tricky, my oh my are they tricky. I tried on a pair in Nordstrom's and turns out they were Jeggings and it turns out Jeggins aren't for everyone. Let's just leave it at that. Luckily Madewell made me feel much better about myself and I fell in love with this pair.

I can wear them with flats or heels, rolled up or down.

Next on my list was a printed skirt. Last summer I wore jeans only and I have made a vow this summer to show a little leg. Hopefully tan ones.

If I get tired of my chambray shirt, thick brown belt, and gold sandals, with my printed skirt, I can also opt for a white tank and jean jacket.

Said jacket will also pair nicely with my new Gap Scout pants. I never thought I would say I was excited about khaki, cargo-esque pants but these pants are super cute, laid back and comfortable. Great to throw on for a lazy day.

Worn with these sandals, also from the Gap. You can't go wrong for $30 bucks.

Lastly, I needed a light weight cardigan to throw in my bag when the sun goes down. Worn with everything on this list including my new jean cut offs I purchased when I was home. Who me? Shopping issues? I am sure that I have no clue what you are talking about.

Still needed. Printed dress, maybe this one.

As well as distressed jeans, a bathing suit, and a few other items I have up my sleeve.

Like I said, no shopping problem here!

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