Monday, August 23, 2010

Italy-Day Four

Day Four included a trip to an olive oil tasting. The olive oil won 'Best in Italy' and since Italy has the best olive oil in the world, we concluded that we must be trying THE best olive oil ever made.

This is the tasting room where we sampled the olive oil, after we saw how it was made.
During the harvest the olives are picked by hand and made into olive oil the same day.

We learned how to properly taste the olive oil by heating it up with our hand over the glass.

The hubs, sippin on some olive oil.

Next, we were on to our second cooking class which was 'homemade pasta'

I'm really glad I learned how to make my own pasta with flour and eggs, I'm sure I will use this skill often instead of opening a super easy box of already made pasta......

See, it only takes me and one other person to hold down the pasta cutter. I think you can tell on my face how serious I am that I will no longer eat pasta from a box.

My masterpiece.

After slaving away in the kitchen, we decided it was only natural to go congratulate ourselves with more wine

Then dinner was prepared, pretty sure they threw out our pasta and used the stuff they made.

Happy at dinner.

After a few glasses of vino, I decided it was time to liven up the party.

Did I mention, their wine doesn't give you hangovers?

I made the hubs join in too.

Next up, Roma!

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