Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wear It Starbucks.

This is a public service announcement from yours truly.

I have officially found the Coffee-mate holiday flavors at my grocery store. Cartwheels ensued and I almost broke out dancing to 'Do You Love Me' when it came on over the load speaker in the store but that's a whole different story. Okay, okay, the cartwheels were in my head but cartwheels were performed okay?

I purchased, 'Pumpkin Spice' and 'Sugar and Spice' (not sure what this tastes like but it had a cookie on the bottle so it promptly ended up in my cart. And apparently I like some spice in my life). You can also find 'Gingerbread Latte', and 'Egg Nog' and 'Peppermint Mocha' (!!!!!!) A little tip for ya, spend the $2.50 on this instead of your Starbucks and you can have approximately 882 more of your favorite holiday coffee drinks.

I'm a Basirico, and if you weren't already aware, bargains make us really happy. I mean really, really happy, to the point where we do cartwheels in our heads.

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