Tuesday, July 13, 2010

funny business

when my sister and i were growing up, my mom always told us never to marry a man who won't dance with you.
believe it or not this thought was always in the back of my mind when i was dating someone who wouldn't dance. don't get me wrong, the hubs is no marky mark but if i'm in the mood to dance he will cut a rug with me.

if i can extend on that advice for my own future daughter ( i already have her name picked out) since you know, i have been married almost a whole two years and know everything, it would be to marry someone who you think is hilarious, and hopefully they will think you are too.

last night the hubs took me to a hole in the wall in burlington, about 30 minutes away, called the landing zone. it was a dive, we sat at the bar, had horrible service and average food (don't tell the hubs this, he loves it). on the way home we stopped for ice cream at a place called the gnome where when we pulled up the girl serving us just came out of the porta potty (my sister would die).

( i'm super excited for the 'landing zone')

can i tell you we had the the best time? all we did was laugh the whole time like a couple of school kids. when you can laugh your tail off with one person in the middle of nowhere in a place with license plates and posters of labradors all over the walls, served over paper place mats that have 'mountain talk' explain words like 'a fixin' and 'hankerin' to you while you drink beer and eat fried craw fish and would rather be there with him than at any fancy restaurant with all your friends, i think you've found your guy. come to think of it, any relationship i can think of that is a happy one, my parents and sister's come to mind, both partners are pretty hilarious. i think i'm on to something.

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