Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This weekend, the hubs and I went to NYC for his bestie's birthday.

We surprised him for a little Benihana action.

The hubs is obsessed with Benihana's and it has become a tradition every time we go to NYC.

(Strat, Me, and the hubs)

We stayed at the Tribeca Grand and were upgraded to a suite. In New York terms, this means a room larger than a closet.

Not a bad view

and Champagne on arrival. This impressed me more than the upgrade. Does that mean I'm a lush?

The party was on this rooftop

where I posed for a picture

But it was really hot, as the hubs captured in this candid.

Luckily, when the sun started to go down, we got a nice breeze.

But we still had to venture inside for some a/c.

Until the sun went all the way down.

Shortly after this photo was taken, we exited the party to go on the hunt for chicken cutlet sandwiches...

Which I don't think are on the 'Italy Diet'. Come to think of it, champagne isn't either.


Boo for late night cravings, yay for Strat's birthday!

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