Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Little Engine that Could

Isaiah Salvatore Castillo


July 26th, 2010

4lbs 5oz 17 inches

Good news LB:

A. The hard part is over.

B. You will no doubt be the cutest decked out Gap kid known to man.

(Plus your parents are ridiculously good looking AND hilarious, you've got this in the bag!)

C. Hopefully your Grandma will call you 'Lil Bean' in the 'HI MOOOSE' voice.

D. Only 18 short years until you too can take the 'Boy's Trip' to Vegas.

(By then, you and Luke may be wheeling all the other boys around though..)

E. (And this is the best one)

You and your Mom are officially Great Grandpa Sal's 'Favorites'

(something I have been vying for, for 29 long years.

Look out for your $25 dollars Savings Bond in the mail...lucky kid)

Welcome to the World! We knew you could do it buddy!!!

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