Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Ditty

Sorry I've been out of comish, but I have been busy gallivanting with my sis, adorable niece and stellar family in NY.

I have super cute pics of the cutest child in the universe, but that's going to take awhile, so I figured I would hold you over with a quick story.

I've been listening to this 'soft rock' radio station at work ever since they called me on the phone and told me if I gave them my name I could win $1,000 dollars if I heard them call it out on the radio. I know, I'm a sucker, but I figured it might be a sign seeing as how they called a day after I did $1,200 dollars worth of damage to my hubs car while trying to pull into the garage and the house got in my way. (It was at a weird angle!) Anywhoo, some old songs play on this radio station and they bring back some funny memories of when I was growing up. "Tell me one!", you beg? Okay, well today while I was diligently waiting for the D.J. to scream 'Brooke Seiden!!!' on the radio, 'Like a Prayer' came on by Madonna and I remembered this little ditty.

This song came out when I was making my 'First Holy Communion' and I was in L.O.V.E with it. For my communion present I remember being in Wal-mart and telling my Mom it was the ONLY thing I wanted, pretty sure it was cassette tapes back then folks. So my Mom thought it was reasonable and pretty fitting that I should own this song, 'Like a Prayer' for my 'First Holy Communion' and thus I was able to own my own Madonna cassette tape so I could sing it over and over,until... I was watching the video on T.V. one day and then my Mom, in horror, saw Madonna, not only dancing in scantily dressed clothing...no, no, that's not it, she was dancing in front of BURNING crosses. Yah. Not such a holy moment after that. So thanks Madge. And don't worry, I will let y'all know as soon as I win my $1,000 dollars.

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