Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy 90th Grandpa!!

Today is my Grandpa Sal's 90th Birthday! I wasn't able to make it to his 90th Birthday celebration in Vegas but we made a date that I would be there for his 100th.

I consider my sister, brother, and me the luckiest of the grand kids because we had the privilege of growing up with Grandma Cora and Grandpa Sal living in the same place. These are just a few of the reasons I adore my Grandpa Sal so much.

1. My Grandpa taught us to chant, "Grandpa's great, he let's us each chocolate cake!"... and he would, whatever we wanted, like pudding pops for breakfast.

2. He is the most quick-witted person I know, he always has a one-liner that makes the whole family crack up. Example, when my Grandma Cora used to be talking on the phone for a long time, my Dad would say, "Who is she talking to?" and Grandpa would reply, "Wrong Number."

3. The goodbye hug and handshake in college where he would slip you a rolled up $20 dollar bill.

4. He was always at every one of our events, whether it was a sporting event, play, graduation; he has been there for every. single. thing. That means my Dad's basketball games too, can you imagine? He also never misses a birthday or anniversary.

6. His favorite vacation spot is VEGAS!

7. Whenever my Dad excitedly asks who wants to play Racko after dinner at our house, Grandpa gets up and says, "well that's my cue."

8. You always want to go to Church at the same time as Grandpa because you get to go out to Breakfast with him afterwards.

9. Some of my favorite childhood memories were staying at my grandparents' house in Long Cove. We went to the pool, fished in the pond in the backyard, rented the latest Benji movies and there was always an endless supply of candy orange slices in the pantry and whoppers in the refrigerator.

10. He is a great dresser. Not because he likes to shop but because we are always searching for the perfect gift for Grandpa and when all else fails he gets some new digs.

11. Pretty sure he is the only 90 year old with an IPad. Please refer to number 10, thanks Chris and Judy....Thanks.

12. I've been vying to be his favorite grandchild my whole life, and he tells me I am...until another grandchild walks in the room. He also likes to tease me when I call him and say "It's your favorite grandchild!" to which he replies, "Kristi!"

13. He knows what he likes. If you want to go to dinner here are your choices: Frankie Bones, The Boathouse, Stellini's, or Il Carpaccio.

14. He is the patriarch of our wonderful family and every one of us is madly in love with him. Especially me.

I love you Grandpa! Have the best 90th Birthday ever!

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