Thursday, February 3, 2011


If you haven't heard from my sister already, I had a choking scare this weekend.

It went like this, spa day with girlfriends in Vermont, followed by lunch and shopping. Life is good. Boys and girls get ready for a nice Vermont dinner at a warm and cozy restaurant. Food comes, I get excited to try and explain who the Millionaire was on Millionaire Matchmaker to my inquiring friend and boom. Huge piece of steak caught in my throat. I hold my finger up to ask my friend to hold the conversation for a moment and take a sip of water. Water comes back up because of blockage in my throat. My friends proceed to wonder if I have had too much to drink because I just spit up at the table, and hubs asks if I'm okay. Realizing this sucker is not going down without a fight and I cannot breathe I get up from the table as the hubs runs behind me and puts his arms around me in an attempt to do the Heimlich. Realizing he doesn't in fact know, how to do the Heimlich he yells out 'CAN SOMEBODY HELP USSSSS!!!????' to which now all the diners in the restaurant are staring at me. Hives ensue I'm sure. A kind gentleman gets up and as they are discussing whether to do the Heimlich or not, and my whole body is in a panic and my mind races to be clear that this is in fact happening, my friend Lexie gives me a nice hard slap on the back. And... coughing....and breathing once again take place. Holy canol. Not to be dramatic but, oh why not, I was really wondering if I was going to be 'that girl' who kicked it at a Vermont weekend with her friends, like in a bad episode of E.R. or Grey's Anatomy. Luckily all is fine and it's hilarious story I can now tell but just in case you don't know, here are some instructions for the next time someone you know or let's be honest, I, choke on some food and need a hand.
Hey, thanks in advance.

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