Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Today is my Mom's Birthday. She is also referred to as Momma by me and Momsawomsa by my dad.

My Mom is my biggest fan, and I am hers. I am so lucky to call her mine, and I am proud to take after her in many ways.

For one, I have her 'ski sloped' nose.

You can see it here. Maybe baby Cameron will be lucky enough to have it too.

I also get my humor from her, which is one of the reasons she thinks I'm so funny. It's almost as if she made the joke herself. One of my favorite things about my Momma is her ability to make me laugh in any situation. I mean any. I can be fuming mad, crying, annoyed, any kind of emotion but happy and she just slips in a one liner about the given situation and all the sudden my nostrils start flaring and no matter how hard I try and can't stop laughing. It's really inconvenient when I am trying to stick to my guns and get my point across, but it works.

My whole family gets our 'non-asses' from her. Seriously. Per my dad, her nickname in high school was T.H. which stood for tiny hiney. And now our family has no butts to show for it. Not one of us has an ass. No junk in our trunks, if you will. Personally, I am super thankful for this one, any part of my body that is small, I am grateful for.

I also get my killer immune system from her. I NEVER get sick. I have to fake sick days to get any use out of them which makes me hive up even when I am lying on the phone about the made up illness. I think I can attribute it to my mom telling me to 'suck it up' when I was young. Being a nurse, she saw everything and unless you had a major flesh wound to the head, (and even that may be questionable) she would tell you take an aspirin and 'suck it up' when you told her you weren't feeling well.

I also have some of the same idiosyncrasies as my Mom. For one, when I am watching t.v. I can be found like this.

The hubs took this picture because he thinks it's funny that i can't help but do this every time i watch t.v.

For some unknown reason, I always have to have the blanket covering my mouth. I don't even notice I'm doing it. This has my mom written all over it. If she is lying down, she can be found doing the exact same thing.

I also get my addictions from her. For one, candy. Lord almighty do I have sweet tooth. If you have any question about who I get this from, just look in the trunk of my Mom's car. That is where she hoards the m&m's and twizzlers so they can't be found by anyone else. Except when I am home of course, then she will share. Gum is our other vice, and I'm pretty certain if aspartame is as bad as they say it is, we are goners.

One more thing that I hope I have inherited from my Mom is her dead on advice. She always knows the perfect thing to say or has just the right insight. She doesn't even have to think about it, it just flows off her tongue and even if I don't like what she is saying it always affects me and I usually do exactly what she says. I hope to have this power over my own child one day.

My Mom knows when to step back and let you learn your lessons. She is not your typical, let me do all of your laundry and baby you even though you are fully capable of doing it yourself kind of Mom, and that is precisely the reason I am the way I am today. She taught me to be an independent woman. (Cue Kelly Clarkson music here). When you do need help though and she thinks she should intervine, she is like superwoman. Really, ask my sister with Baby Cameron. I'm pretty certain, she is stepping back and letting my sister do her thing but the minute she needs help, she swoops in and saves the day. I am so grateful for her, because she is exactly the Momma I needed her to be. I love her with all of my heart and soul.

Thanks for being you Mom. Happy Birthday. I am coming home soon.

My Beautiful Momma

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