Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Anyone who knows me, knows that when things get stressful I have a little hive situation.

All I have to say is 'hives' in a deep voice and my family and friends know, something is going down.

Let's just say, hives were in full action these last few days.

Let me explain.

Friday- 2.5 hour, 5 person interview at a new company - HIVES

Tuesday Morning- Offered position from new company - Hives (did I mention it happens when good things happen too? Yah, I had full on concrete thick foundation on my chest for my wedding day, it was lovely. Those suckers were NOT going to be visible.)

Tuesday Afternoon - Break the news to my boss that I am leaving - Hives

Wednesday Morning - Get counter offer to stay with company - Hives

Wednesday Night- Preparing to turn down new company tomorrow and tell them I am staying with my current job - MAJOR HIVES

Thankfully this will be over the phone and hopefully my hives can go and hide for awhile until another uncomfortable situation arises in my life.

So I'm sure they won't pop up again until, say, ...Friday.

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