Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bachelor

Last night when the Hubs and I were watching 'The Bachelor' (not his choice)

We tried to put ourselves in the same scenario and decide how it would work out.

We decided that my big dark secret (instead of being divorced or having a kid, like two of the contestants) would be that I have a small Chihuahua at home that has ferocious breath and that if he wanted to choose me, he would have to tolerate and love that breath for the rest of his life.

We also tried to determine how I would get his attention as the Bachelor and set myself apart from the other 24 contestants.

We came to the conclusion that I would most likely walk up to him, twist both his nipples and yell 'TUNE IN TOKYO!!'

Just like I do in real life.

If that doesn't get you a rose, I am at a loss for what would...

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