Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just so you know....

I'm kind of famous today.

How you ask? Let me explain.

This is my bestie Kristen...

I know, she is a beauty. And she inspired me to want a blog of my own. She is one of the coolest chicks I know for many reasons, including but not limited to:

A. Having the best wardrobe known to man
B. Always having THE best songs to listen to and reflect on
C. Creating her own catch phrase words such as 'murder' used to describe anything you are not looking forward to, or happy about. Example: Finding a parking spot at the mall today is going to be MURDER.
D. Always having super easy recipes that I even I can conquer and make it appear to party goers as if have a clue in the kitchen.
E. Constantly making me laugh.

Case in Point...Click Here!.

Love you Krit, thanks for the laugh!

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