Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You'll Thank Me Later....

Bikram Yoga...otherwise known as Hot Yoga, Are you Friggin Crazy Yoga, I am going to Die Yoga or Shoot Me Now Yoga.

Not really, those are just things I have said to myself during class.

My Aunt Lisa and Cousin Liz convinced me to try it. They always know the latest cool things. They turned me on to Twilight(yes, I'm a fan), threading my eyebrows, told me about Brazilian hair straightening, and the three week manicure. They also go skydiving and to psychics, but I still haven't jumped on those bandwagons...Anywhoo, they told me three things about Bikram. 1. You will hate it 2. It will be the best thing you have ever done and 3. You will start to become addicted to it and won't be able to stop.

The first couple weeks I called with the following questions:
1. Are you crazy?!
2. Why do I feel like I have to vomit during class?
3. Can I still drink wine?
4. Is it normal to sweat that much?
5. Why can't I stop feeling like I am going to vomit?!
etc etc...

But it is official, I am no doubt addicted to it. It's the hardest and best workout I have ever done. I don't go to the gym anymore and try and get to class 3-4 times a week. Here are some things I can pass onto you:
1. You will sweat your ass off.
2. You will have so much energy, mental clarity, and be in such a good mood all day that you will call your husband and shout, "I LOVE YOU!" and he will say, "I love you too, good yoga class today aye?"
3. You too will become addicted and thank me later.

Here is the link to my Bikram Studio. If you don't live in CT, it still has a plethera of information and testimonials.

Click Here

If you try it you can call me and I will convince you that it's completely normal for the old man in class to wear that small of a pair of shorts.

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