Sunday, January 24, 2010


We had an amazeballs time with our friends in Vermont this weekend.

Friday we drove up with our friends Jim and Lexi (Happy Birthday Lex!) and the lucky lady got to have an Applebee's 'Two for Twenty' for her birthday dinner. Don't feel too bad for her though, she also got a stellar David Yurman ring from her boyfriend Jimbo. (Way to go buddy!)

When we arrived at the Vermont house we were greeted with good friends, a ridiculous amount of booze and a huge fire. Heaven! We all stayed up as late as we could and funneled down to bed. Jim and Dan had some different plans though and ended up going sleep at 5am. Not without waking everyone in the house up a few times in between though.

Saturday the athletic overachievers went skiing, Jim and Dan went searching for a bar (huge surprise there) and the ladies headed to the outlets for some shopping. We tore it up and ended up with some stellar loot, followed up with a delicious lunch at a local deli.

By then it was 4pm and time for happy hour. Love this place! We met everyone back at the house and shared our stories for the day while we drank some booze and ate some appetizers.

Then we ventured off to dinner at the Old Mill Tavern.

We had a group dinner here last year, and were super excited to go back again. It's a perfect Vermont setting with dark wood, old ski's and a huge fire where they let you roast marshmellows after dinner by the bar. It's only opened three months out of the year and everyone orders huge steaks and eats so much we have to roll each other out of the restaurant.

We had the same waiter as last year and he graced us with his hand fart rendition of 'Sweet Home Alabama'. True talent.

The night ended back at the house by the fire and this morning we all got up and ate a huge breakfast prepared by the Hubs.

There is nothing much better than good friends, a new setting and copious amounts of food, alcohol and shopping. Life is good.

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