Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Lulu

Aka- Lu, Louis, Lucifer, Louey, Cutest dog ever, etc etc.

I figured you should get to know half the namesake of this blog.

Lu can be known for the following reasons. Her minty fresh breath (this may be a slight exaggeration), her 'happy dance' when she greets you at the door which consists of her dragging her stomach across the floor with her two front paws and her hind legs sticking straight out, her frito-smelling paws (love them!) and a general ability to make you smile again after another miserable day at work.

Her days consist of her horrible, evil, mother dragging her out from under the covers to go outside to the bathroom on chilly mornings in the winter, as well as at lunchtime and before bed. In between those dreaded outside bathroom breaks, she can be found, lounging, sleeping, eating, playing with her 'baby', and sleeping some more.

It's hard for a southern pup to live in the cold, blistering north. The following is the process we go through 4 times a day.

First, I ask Lu if she wants to go out...

(Hey Ma)

Then she sees me carrying this.

(Don't make fun, it's her winter vest and the buttons come in really handy, you'll see why)

And then she does this.

(Oh no)

And this.

(what's that in your hand?)

And unfortunately I have to do this.

(so embarrassing)

and this.

(why me?)

Louey hates every. single. second.

(I hate my life)
(Did I mention her snaggle tooth?)

And after all of that.

THIS is where she chooses to go.


How can you be mad at that face?

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