Thursday, January 21, 2010

British Robot

This weekend is The 2nd Annual Ski Weekend up in Vermont with our friends.

We are uber pumped about it.

Everyone sits by the fire, eats food and has a few too many cocktails. (Oh yah, some people fit in some skiing too)

Whenever I have had a few too many cocktails, two things are likely to follow.

1. A British accent. (Formerly it was French but I have since crossed over, probably because I only knew how to say Zut Alors! and Huh HUUHHH in the back of my throat). Luckily this happens to a couple other girls in the group too. Cheyney quotes Harry Potter, Susan does an Irish accent and I just throw out the word 'bloody' a lot.
I'm pretty sure we annoy everyone else in the group, but by that point we are in our own little world and don't care much.

2. Next, and this is a new one, I will bend my arm back and forth to mimic the first part of 'The Robot' dance. You know the one. If you don't, hold your arm out to the side and then bend your elbow to drop your forearm down and then back up. Repeatedly. I am not lying when I tell you I have ZERO control over this. I must have been predisposed to too many 80's videos as a child. Irrevocably, the arm goes up without my knowledge and then I take a word or phrase from the conversation I am immersed in and say it over and over in time with my robot move. Most recently it was 'Savannah, Georgia'. Why? I don't know, but this move is a part of me now and I need to find a way to stop it.

You may be thinking stop drinking in your head, but let's be realistic here. Could a little fake British accent or robot arm move hurt anyone?

I think not.

Slightly embarrassing? Yes, but there are worse things I suppose.

We are off to VT after work. I will be sure to give you a full update when we get back. I heard through the grapevine the Burberry Outlet is having 70% off. Yes, Please, and Thank you.

Oh yes, there is shopping. There is alwayyys shopping.

Have a bloody fantastic weekend! xoxo

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Mama Rucci said...

Lovin your blog Brookie! Hillarious. Hope you are staying warm!

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