Monday, January 11, 2010

New York CiTAYY???

Remember that Pace Salsa commercial?

You don't?



Let's move on.

This weekend the Hubs and I went to NYC for a little work and a little play.

Friday night we were invited to dinner at, ....let's call them the 'Richie's'. We were invited to the Richie's apartment located on PAHHKK Avenuuue. (Insert snooty voice here.) Let's, just say it was fancy. The kind of fancy where you check in with the door man and their housekeeper Sofia happens to be coming back from walking the Richie's dog and escorts you up the private elevator to said fancy apartment. Ahh to live on the other side. The Richie's were extremely nice and we had a great meal...prepared by Sophia. The housekeeper. Who lives with them. Am I painting a 'fancy' enough picture of the the 'Richie's' 'apartment' yet?

Anywhoo, after the work dinner was over, the Hubs and I decided to let loose and we were recommended a hot spot from Stratford (The Hub's best friend), who also let us stay at his apartment, as he was out of town in Miami. Free place to stay, woot woot! For the record, Strat's apt. was not too shabby either.

We went here. The Tribecca Grand.

There is a bar called the Church Lounge (I'm assuming because it's located on Church Street...just a hunch)

We had a couple glasses of wine, a couple snacks and watched the people across from us make out with each other. We had a lot of fun. And then the bill came. And then we remembered why we don't live in New York.

Saturday we met Adam and Elizabeth for lunch.

Adam and the Hubs went to college together and I am convinced Elizabeth and I would be bestie's if we lived in the same place. We went to a place called Murphy and Gonzalez for lunch. Half mexican, half irish pub. Only in New York. We had a great time catching up them. But then, it was time to shop.

I had already scoped out where Zara and Club Monaco were located and I was ready to get my shopping on .

That is, until every person in New York decided to have the same plan.

Honestly, it takes a lot for me to not be able to shop, a lot. Truly. A lot. Did I mention a lot? And I couldn't do it. Way too many people. The Hubs was shocked. He also knew I was bummed. And if shopping doesn't work, he knows, sweets usually do.

He suggested we go to Billy's Bakery.

We spotted it the night before on the walk home from Tribecca Grand.

(how dreamy is this place?)

Let's just say. Heaven on Earth. My vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting cured my shopping letdown.

Happy Again.

After our Billy's Bakery experience, we decided to head home.

Sunday, we relaxed and watched football with our friends Lexie and Jim. As much as I love New York, I was happy to be home in Connecticut. With it's reasonably priced housing, uncrowded stores, and normally priced booze, I think I am happy right where I am.

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