Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just for the Record

I'm pretty sure my yoga teacher yelled at me today.

Well, at least it would be yelling in a normal person's voice, but his version was a yoga yelling voice.

Even though it was calm and quiet, I'm fairly confident if my yoga instructor was not all zen that it would have sounded much more intense.

Apparently in the Bikram Yoga world you cannot skip 4 days and then decide to come back and everything be peachy.

I know this from experience, when I had to sit out during 3 or 4 poses today. (I felt like such a rookie.)

And to top it off my yoga man yelled, okay fine, he calmly said after class, 'Brooke, why do you keep doing this yourself? You come in and get good and then you stop coming. '

Excuse ME mr. yoga man, but maybe I have a life beyond your zen world and maybe I want to binge drink once in a while which means I can't make it in on Mondays and maybe sometimes I like to sleep in past 5:30am, because 'The Bachelor' was THAT good the night before and I totally didn't see him kicking off 4 desperately crazy scantily dressed bachelorettes instead of just 2! Really, who saw that coming, I mean who?!

Okay fine, maybe he is right. I need to focus more on my yoga practice and stop half-assing it. (Ear muffs Mom and Dad, or...blinders?)

So my new goal is, instead of attending yoga class 3-4 times a week, I'm going to aim for..lord help me...4-5 times a week.

Maybe with a few less booze fests and a few more yoga sessions I won't run and hide at the sight of a swimsuit come summer.

And maybe I can avoid being reamed out by the yoga man..

I kid, I kid. Understating was never one of my strong points.

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