Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Pops!!!

For those of you who don't know, a very important man was born on January 20th. A hollywood actor? Famous Athlete? Former President? Nope!

This man, my Dad, was born today and he is THE BEST Dad in the world. No, really. I hate to break it to you but if you aren't my sister or brother I am sorry to say that your Dad comes second best. While he is a stellar role model, legendary basketball coach, manners king, and a man of true faith, I would like to share with you the real reasons why I love my Dad so much.

1. I get my silliness from him. Ever since I can remember, my Dad will serenade whoever is in the house, whether it be his family, the dog, or I am pretty sure just himself, by constantly singing 'I've been dreaming of YoUoUoUoUoUoUoU!!!!!' Insert opera voice for the word YOU. There are no other words to this song and it never changes. I don't know if it's actually from a real song or he just made it up one day. I will have to ask him. One thing is for sure, it cracks me up.

2. Whenever he gets excited about something, he rubs his hands together really fast as if to warm them or start a fire while opening his mouth to get the full effect. This is known to be contagious and is crucial if you are ever doing a Dad impersonation.

3. He has lived in South Carolina for over 30 years but still pronounces words that end in 'ER' with 'A'. Example: "The Yankees are the best team EVA!!" or "KA, whats the mattA?!"

4. He gets mad at our yellow lab Cody for drooling but can be found in the mornings eating his cereal with his right hand and feeding her with his left, followed up by dabbing her mouth with a napkin.

5. His favorite team is the Yankees and he is NOT afraid to show it. Just call his voicemail, check out the floor mats in his car, his licence plate, look at our entire upstairs loft, watch him wear his flipflops, tie, santa hat, sweatshirts, hats,checkout his keychain, bobblehead on his dashboard and most likely even his underwear. The man is a diehard, and I mean diehard fan. I dare anyone to try and trump him on his fan status or disagree that his team is DA BEST Team EVA.

(Case in Point)

6. Everytime he sees my dog Lulu, he will no doubt yell, "Her breath could take the paint off the walls!"

7. He likes to to put his arm around you and squeeze your side where it's extremely tickilish as well as the top of your kneecap which sends you into spasms. When you scream, 'DAAAaaaadd!!!', he then looks at you asks, 'What?'.

8. The man can clear the room with the words, 'Who wants to play Racko?!'

9. Whenever my Dad is on vacation, you and everyone around him will always know. How, you ask? He will randomly throw his arms straight up in the air and shout, 'I'm on Va-CATION!!!!'

10. My dad can fall asleep anywhere and at anytime. Truly, there are collages dedicated to pictures of him falling asleep...during movies, at parties, sitting straight up or lying down. Doesn't matter.

(Example A)

(Example B)

11. My dad knows EVERYONE. He is like the Mayor of Hilton Head, but not. As far as I know he has no desire to ever hold public office but I have no doubt in my mind he would win. We have been on cruise ships and even at the top of a mountain and somehow my dad managed to know someone.

12. The man is a bargain shopper. He LOVES finding deals and then showing you what he purchased followed up with the question, 'How much?'. Then you have to guess what he paid for the sale item which gives him great joy when you guess over the actual amount paid. I think he gets more excited about this game than the the actual item.

13. His favorite word is AWWesome!

He is the best man I know and I love him with every fiber of my being.

(Did I mention he is handsome too?)

Here's to you Dad, the world wouldn't be the same without you.

Love, your Maniac

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