Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple Things

I have found in life that it's the simple things I get most excited about.

1. Waking up on a Saturday, realizing you don't have to go to work and having your dog roll around on your neck.

2. When Starbucks comes out with their holiday flavors. (And then finding the same flavored creamers at the grocery store). Eureka!

3. When the Hubs meets me at the grocery store after work, even though he doesn't want anything, just because he knows I like the company.

4. Hearing your favorite song on the radio even though it's way past it's prime. ('In Your Eyes', by Peter Gabriel anyone?)

5. Finding that your favorite warm socks are clean.

6. Receiving that humongous David Yurman ring you have been lusting after.
Kidding! Kidding! (Smokey Quartz)

But lately, the simplest thing I crave, I can't get.

That is, until I see my sister again.

When my sister gives you a hug, she doesn't let you pull away as soon as you start to.
She just holds you tight as if she is taking in the moment with you in it.
I don't know if she even realizes she does this. But it is one of my most favoritist things about her.

(Isn't she pretty?)

That, and her infectious laugh that makes me laugh so hard my nostrils flare (it ain't pretty). Even if I don't think what she thought was funny.

Miss you sister.

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